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For the love of Print


bay + boardwalk is a full service design and letterpress print company based by the San Francisco Bay, with our heart near the Virginia boardwalk.

After a life-long love affair with beautifully printed paper, bay + boardwalk was founded in 2014 by Katy Casey. With a background in both traditional print and online media, Katy mixes modern design elements with traditional letterpress techniques to create one-of-a-kind, custom pieces.


All our products are lovingly printed by hand on our two antique letterpresses. We have a Vandercook 317 proof press (circa 1930s) and a Craftsman 4x6 platen press (circa 1950s).

Designs are translated from the screen to print via polymer plates which are then set up on the press, inked and used to print each impression individually. Since the process to create each print is manual, this means there may be slight variations in each print - but never fear! That is part of the beauty and uniqueness of the art. We will always deliver a beautiful letterpress item that is free of smudges, dirt or other blemishes.